30 05, 2017

Green motorways. Contradiction in terms or potential reality?

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Green motorways. Contradiction in terms or potential reality? This article was first published in Sourceable A few years ago I was stuck in hellish Sydney traffic, with the temperature soaring close to 40oC, and as I entered the tunnel surrounded by huge walls of concrete, pollution and heat haze and I suddenly thought, ‘this is a great place for plants’. It sounds crazy, but the right plants combined with the right technology could do wonders for this harsh urban infrastructure, and I believe that science, investment and pure necessity are all at the perfect meeting point to make it viable, and I would argue essential, to turn it green [...]

14 05, 2015

The Many Benefits of Green Infrastructure!

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Ever wondered why green roofs and walls are becoming so popular in new designs and developments? Well stop wondering and check out this fantastic brochure put together by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities! The benefits are clear; job creation, aesthetic enhancements, better air quality, improvements in individual health and wellbeing and energy savings, just to name a few! The team here at Junglefy have known for many years about the multitude of benefits that plants have for individuals, society and the environment, and we are so excited to see more and more people acknowledging the importance of plants for sustainable future environments. Head to this link to get a better idea [...]

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