Let’s clear the air – we’re making a stand on air pollutants.

The big thing we’ve learned from 2021, is the importance of protecting our health and wellbeing while continuing to do business.

Over the last two years, we’ve been designing, researching and testing our next generation breathing technology and we’re excited to introduce our Junglefy Breathing Stand.

“Our Junglefy Breathing Stand is our latest innovation designed to make a difference. Health problems associated with poor indoor air is costing Australia $12 billion a year*, said Suzie Barnett, Junglefy’s General Manager.

“We must do everything we can to protect and enhance the wellbeing of others, in our workplaces, for our kids at school, in hospitals and retail environments…any space where people live, work and play.”

Each stand is a beautiful self-contained ecosystem, designed to maximise the benefits of plants and create healthier places for people. With its own biofiltration system, it is scientifically proven to accelerate the removal air pollutants which boosts wellbeing and productivity, as well as brightening up any space.

The stand contains 144 plants and can remove 65 litres of carbon dioxide in one day as well as remove up to 96% of VOCs. All of this is done in a very small footprint, just 67cm in diameter and just over two metres high. The compact nature of the stand lends itself to a variety of indoor uses and arrangements to improve air quality and enhance wellbeing.

Our next generation Breathing Stand is a nature-inspired design by one of Australia’s top industrial designers, Adam Cornish, who we’ve worked with on all our nature-based solutions. Adam draws inspiration from the inner structures of plants to design Junglefy’s biophilic solutions.

As with all our products, we’re backed by science and we’ve teamed up again with our long-time research partners at University of Technology Sydney to test the stand’s air quality data in real-life locations. We worked with our launch partners Questacon, Laing O’Rourke, Built and Caringbah Tradies, who were the trailblazers that purchased our first version prototypes which gave us the chance to test, modify and make them even better.

The Junglefy Breathing Stands are growing in our nursery now as part of a limited first release, aimed at supporting the first workers returning to the office in the new year.

“Office environments are changing with the new work from home dynamic. People are now coming into the office for collaboration and connection, we need to create natural nurturing environments that support that. A Junglefy Breathing Stand is a flexible simple way to bring all the benefits of nature into a work environment and help bring people back together.” said Jock Gammon, Junglefy’s Managing Director and Co-founder.

Will you take a Stand?

If you want to lead the change for better health and wellbeing, and want to take a stand on air pollutants, please get in touch with Lesley Duke – [email protected]