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Sourceable: What is research commercialisation?

Research commercialisation refers to the process through which ideas or research are transformed into marketable products, capital gains, income from licences and/or revenue from the sale of new product. Recently, my firm landed an Innovation Connections grant from the federal government to identify an opportunity to work with a research organisation to test and develop a new idea. This new idea is a modular, living green wall system that accelerates the removal of air pollutants like CO2, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds faster than any other plant-based system on the market. The government grant allowed us to partner with the Plants and Indoor Environmental Quality Research Group at [...]

Sourceable: Creating resilient cities with living infrastructure

The climate is becoming more unpredictable and fierce with each passing year. Extreme weather and natural disasters like bushfires, storms, floods and cyclones can have a devastating impact on communities, businesses, homes, and public infrastructure. How can plants and living infrastructure play a role in mitigating this change and help to create more climate resilient cities. According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology June 2016 was the second-wettest month on record. Wild storms lashed the east coast, triggering flooding across Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria and Tasmania, and causing widespread damage and destruction. June was a bad month, both here in Australia and overseas. Around the same [...]

Sourceable: Living infrastructure gains momentum with new RICS guide

Last month, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) launched a new living infrastructure guide. Launched by NSW Planning Minister, Rob Stokes MP at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), the green roofs and walls guidance note provides surveyors with detailed advice and recommendations on the planning, design and implementation of green roofs and walls on commercial and residential buildings. The guide looks at green walls and roofs from the surveyor’s perspective, exploring the technical requirements of both new and retrofit projects, their potential value, legal considerations, as well as environmental and community impacts. UTS researcher and publication co-author, associate professor Sara Wilkinson, said the guide is a practical and [...]

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Junglefy Breathing Wall @ SEE Sustainable Experience

Junglefy was a production partner last week at the second annual SEE Sustainable Experience event. We provided a couple of stand alone Junglefy Breathing Wall prototypes at the entry to the expo and Suzie Barnett (Good Marketing & PR) facilitated a session with Dr Fraser Torpy (UTS), Matt Williams (Lend Lease) and myself on the importance of science in living infrastructure systems, in particular the research behind the Junglefy Breathing Wall and how this impacted on the commercial decision at Lendlease to install it into their new global HQ in Barangaroo, Sydney. It was fantastic to be able to finally tell this story, here is a little summary on what [...]

Sourceable: Can urban farming take off in Australia?

With the population booming, there is a need for sustainable food models. What would it take to make widespread urban farming a reality in Australia? Urban agriculture or ‘urban farming’ hasn’t really taken off either in Australia or around the world. The question is, why hasn’t the urban farming movement taken off and what can we do about it? First things first: what’s it all about? According to Urban Agriculture Australia, urban farming is the utilisation of local land and bio systems in order to meet the food needs of urban communities. By growing what we need near where we live, we reduce the food miles associated with long-distance transportation, [...]

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We did it!! The Junglefy Breathing Wall is launched

For years we’ve been working on something really big here at Junglefy. I’ve mentioned it a few times and alluded to what it might be capable of achieving. Now, finally I can reveal the fruits of our labour – a little something called the Junglefy Breathing Wall! I say little, I mean big. It’s a game-changer for indoor air quality (IAQ) all over the world, a system like no other according to our friends at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) who we’ve been working with for the last two years, testing and researching it (and testing it some more). Actually, we didn’t want to launch this product until the research [...]

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Sourceable: The benefits of biophilia and greenery in retail

When it comes to sustainability in the built environment, office buildings are often the testing ground for new design principles and technologies. Perhaps this is because they offer a manageably-sized microcosm to monitor, tweak and report on. Whatever the reason, I’m happy to see the expansion of sustainability (and living infrastructure) into other facets of the built environment. People today spend a lot of time in retail centres indulging in our passion for “consumerism” or “retail therapy.” It’s where we buy our groceries, catch up with friends, spend our lunch breaks (and our pay cheques). Shopping is pretty much a daily exercise. It’s time we make the spaces we spend [...]

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Five creatures, birds and bugs making our world more liveable

I’ve already told you about the benefits of living infrastructure (check out my blog archive for a refresher). I’ve told you about the great things a little bit of plant life can do for your business and your city, your health, stress levels and productivity, as well as benefitting the planet itself. Plants are amazing. But what about the creatures, birds and bugs that call that greenery home? Where do they fit in? This blog is my take on a ‘Buzzfeed’ top 5 list. Well it’s my take on a High Fidelity top five list but people seem to think Buzzfeed is a more ‘current’ reference. (Kids these days…) So [...]

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Spotlight on the High Line, New York City

Living infrastructure in public spaces: Part 2 This is the second blog in a series on living infrastructure in public spaces. Public spaces are so varied that I felt one blog just wouldn’t do the subject justice – especially when there are so many great examples of living infrastructure around the world! This project is definitely one of my favourites and is top of my list when we head to New York in September this year. I think it’s a great example of innovation, planting design and people power. Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Owned by the City of New York and located on [...]

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Sourceable: Living infrastructure report card

From the formation of an industry alliance and a biodiversity sensitive urban design protocol, to promises of increased greenery and infrastructure for a new age, the last nine months have seen quite a bit of activity around our industry. But even with all this change, I’m wondering, what is really going to drive change and create opportunities? Here I offer my ratings of four major developments for living infrastructure in Australia today, highlighting which ones I feel are going to make a real difference. RMIT Biodiversity Sensitive Urban Design protocol Grade: A+ RMIT University released its Biodiversity Sensitive Urban Design (BSUD) protocol late last year. Based on five key principles, [...]

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