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Radio Interview: Good Design Awards on Blueprint for Living

Radio Interview: Good Design Awards on Blueprint for Living Junglefy General Manager, Suzie Barnett was recently interviewed by Jonathan Green on Radio National's Blueprint for Living program to talk about our Breathing Wall which was a finalist in the Good Design Awards 2017 (and went on to win an award in the industrial and commercial product design).  Click the link below to for the original article and link to play the full radio episode:

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Jungle theme keeps Atlassian offices in the green

Jungle theme keeps Atlassian offices in the green This article was first published in Architecture & Design. The interior architecture for Atlassian’s Sydney headquarters has recently been completed, and it has a decidedly green tinge. So distinct is the ‘jungle-fied’ theme that it has now internally been dubbed as the ‘Atlassian style’. Sydney-based studio Siren Design were behind the new green theme, which consists of an installation that spreads across four floors of the George Street building. The project – which includes three working floors and one floor designated as a communal hub – took Siren a neat five months to complete. "The hub floor creates an immediate sense [...]

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Why green walls are more than just a pretty façade

Why Green Walls are more than just a pretty facade Originally published in Property Australia on 2 May 2017 Green walls have captured our imaginations since the days of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. But today's high-tech vertical gardens are more than just a pretty facade.  In their most basic form, green walls are just buildings covered with vegetation - from ivy-draped castles to Roman loggias laden with grape vines. But modern green or living walls bring with them an array of unmatched benefits. External green walls can reduce the urban heat island effect and enhance aesthetics. In warm climates, greenery can reduce the surface temperature of walls, and [...]

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The Garden Gurus: One Central Park

In this episode of the Garden Gurus, Nigel looks at One Central Park in Sydney, recently voted the world’s best tallest building, this truly incredible building is home to the world’s tallest vertical garden.  

Architecture & Design: 2015 Sustainability Awards-winning HASSELL-designed urban landscaping project has Junglefy contribution

This article was first published in Architecture & Design. Read the article here... The Burnley Living Roofs project at the University of Melbourne’s Burnley campus recently won the prestigious BPN Sustainability Award for landscape design. Designed by architecture firm HASSELL, the Burnley Living Roofs project won the Landscape Design category at the Australian BPN 2015 Sustainability Awards held in Sydney for making “an important contribution to the understanding of the benefits of green roof design” according to the jury. The judges explained that the project represented the future of urban landscaping and the successful integration of rooftop green infrastructure. They also noted that this kind of research was imperative to [...]