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Living Infrastructure Will Benefit Australia’s Ageing Population

Living Infrastructure Will Benefit Australia’s Ageing Population By Jock Gammon This article was originally published in Sourceable Australia’s ageing population is about to greatly increase the country’s demand for living infrastructure. Anyone who knows Baby Boomers knows this generation is not going to go off quietly into old age. Combine that with the fact that Australians are living longer, and it is essential we unlock the benefits of integrating plants and living infrastructure systems into our aged care facilities. Green roof, Bridgepoint Australians have one of the highest life expectancies in the world, and more than 15 per cent of our population is currently aged 65 years [...]

Sydney Design Awards for Breathing Wall projects

Sydney Design Awards for Breathing Wall projects The Atlassian office in Sydney has received a Gold Award at the 2017 Sydney Design Awards for its interior office fitout by Siren Design. The fitout, featuring cascading plants and the Junglefy Breathing Wall, fulfilled the brief to create a practical and flexible workspace whilst providing a unique and highly creative space that would live up to Atlassian’s credentials as “The Best Place to Work”. Receiving Silver in the Sydney Design Awards, is Orange Regional Museum for its architecture by Crone. The project was recognised for its innovative blend of architecture, public meeting place and [...]

City of Melbourne’s Rooftop Project

Leading by green example - City of Melbourne's 'Rooftop Project' As London's mayor announced an impressive plan to make London zero-carbon and 50% green by 2050, we are now seeing local initiatives emerging to benefit Australians too. The City of Melbourne currently has its Urban Forest Fund in place and has now developed the Rooftop Project to encourage urban rooftops to be used for solar, cool or green roofs.  With Melbourne rooftops totaling 880 hectares of potential usable space, the new initiative could help to drive the uptake of green and living infrastructure on what has traditonally been an underutilised space. The Rooftop Project's webpage provides an interactive map [...]

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Junglefy explains the many benefits of green roofs in urban environments

This article was first published in Architecture & Design. Read the full article here... The rooftop is getting its rightful place under the sun with many building owners and developers increasingly adopting the green roof trend. Green roofs are connecting people living in urban environments with nature and the great outdoors. According to Junglefy, with the technical advancements in living infrastructure, no rooftop is safe from going green. Rooftops provide the perfect space for plants and ‘junglefication’ with green roofs seen as a workable solution for addressing issues related to high-density living in urban areas. Cleaner air Being natural air cleaners, plant have the incredible ability to filter particulate matter [...]

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