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Living Infrastructure Will Benefit Australia’s Ageing Population

Living Infrastructure Will Benefit Australia’s Ageing Population By Jock Gammon This article was originally published in Sourceable Australia’s ageing population is about to greatly increase the country’s demand for living infrastructure. Anyone who knows Baby Boomers knows this generation is not going to go off quietly into old age. Combine that with the fact that Australians are living longer, and it is essential we unlock the benefits of integrating plants and living infrastructure systems into our aged care facilities. Green roof, Bridgepoint Australians have one of the highest life expectancies in the world, and more than 15 per cent of our population is currently aged 65 years [...]

Junglefy Breathing Wall @ SEE Sustainable Experience

Junglefy was a production partner last week at the second annual SEE Sustainable Experience event. We provided a couple of stand alone Junglefy Breathing Wall prototypes at the entry to the expo and Suzie Barnett (Good Marketing & PR) facilitated a session with Dr Fraser Torpy (UTS), Matt Williams (Lend Lease) and myself on the importance of science in living infrastructure systems, in particular the research behind the Junglefy Breathing Wall and how this impacted on the commercial decision at Lendlease to install it into their new global HQ in Barangaroo, Sydney. It was fantastic to be able to finally tell this story, here is a little summary on what [...]

Active Designs Supporting Healthy Living

Whether we realise it or not, design has a huge impact on our health, wellbeing and overall quality of life. This article by Fast Company acknowledges 6 outstanding projects from around the globe that have adopted the emerging concept of "active design". "Active design" is centred around improving the health, fitness and wellbeing of the public through appropriate architecture and urban planning solutions that encourage daily physical activity and make healthy foods more accessible and appealing. It urges architects, builders, planners and designers alike to consider the potential for their work to positively influence and contribute to the health of the public through one of four pathways: active recreation, active building, [...]

Quay Quarter Precinct – 3XN wins the design competition

We are very excited to see a Danish group 3XN to pick up this exciting design gig in the heart of Sydney's business district. They have big shoes to fill with the Sydney Opera house, also designed by a Dane, only 800m away. At Junglefy we are delighted to see such developments incorporating a tonne of the green variety and hope that these will remain until the realisation of the building. We have faith as the Danes rank top of the 2014 Climate Change Performance Index. (For the record, Australia has slipped to a cringeworthy 57th of 61 countries on the list.)   Read more here.

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Amazing twisting towers

We are just so impressed that the utopian is becoming a reality in the arena of sustainable design. It can be done! Need to plan a trip to Taipei to check this one out in detail! Check out the incredible Agora Tower designed by Vincent Callebaut Architecture. Designed to mimic two encircling hands and the helical structure of DNA, the towers are organized a central core that allows for what the design team call a abundance of suspended gardens. These will spill over with edible and decorative plants, enabling residents of 40 luxury apartments to harvest a great deal of their own food. Plus, the rainwater capture system alleviates pressure [...]

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Buildings with green roofs attract premium rents

People want access to greenery and they are willing to pay for it - about 16% more in fact. George Washington University recently conducted a study of residential buildings in New York City and found that those buildings with green roofs collect about 16% higher rent than those without a green roof. For those of just with a strong belief in the benefits of junglefying our cities, this is welcome news. For building owners, we hope that this provides a great demonstration that green is not only good, it also makes business sense as well. Read the study details here.

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