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Grow Up – Urban Farms

Built in 2013 with the help of over 300 supporters and a successful Kickstarter campaign, The GrowUp Box is a small-scale agricultural production unit as well as a space for events and community engagement. We are following with keen interest how their current venture into developing London’s first commercial aquaponic farm will go.

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Future occupation – Urban farmer?

It is pretty frightening to read all the stats about the impact of industrial agriculture on our natural environment.  Did you know industrial agriculture occupies around 50% habitable land, consumes about 70% of the planet fresh accessible water and accounts for 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions!! As such the land-based agriculture is not sustainable and in its current form will not be able to meet the challenge of increasing food production and improving the environment over the next 30 to 40 years. So where to from here? Technological advances have resulted in a diverse range of vertical and indoor farming applications throughout the world which is really exciting. Due to the diminished risk of [...]

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NYC Rooftop farm run by the city’s seniors

After sitting idle for over 40 years, the roof top of the Hargrave House in NYC has been put to fantastic use by the Project FIND. Serving now as a rooftop farm, the previously unappreciated space (with views of Central Park!!!), is being looked after by a devoted group of 60-80 year old tenants. Needless to say, looking after the farm has hugely impacted the lives of the building's tenants whilst producing a significant amount of healthy foods with few food miles. Read more: Hargrave House

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