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Jungle theme keeps Atlassian offices in the green

This article was first published in Architecture & Design.

The interior architecture for Atlassian’s Sydney headquarters has recently been completed, and it has a decidedly green tinge. So distinct is the ‘jungle-fied’ theme that it has now internally been dubbed as the ‘Atlassian style’.

Sydney-based studio Siren Design were behind the new green theme, which consists of an installation that spreads across four floors of the George Street building. The project – which includes three working floors and one floor designated as a communal hub – took Siren a neat five months to complete.

“The hub floor creates an immediate sense of welcome – a journey through the jungle starting from the lift lobby, flowing into a breakout that is serviced by a commercial kitchen providing daily meals for Atlassians,” says Kate Bisson, an associate at Siren Design.

“Key themes involved an emphasis on raw, exposed materials and a strong focus on biophilia, inviting human senses to explore and experience. The tension between clever design and budget resulted in design innovation where the outcome was a sweet spot in human-centric design that provides ultimate flexibility [to workers].”

The design was intended to create a feeling of welcome; an antidote to stereotypically ‘cold’ office spaces. The subtropical theme begins in the lift lobby, and extends to a breakout area.


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