Junglefy have become the Principal Partner of the Living Future Institute of Australia’s (LFIA) Biophilic Design Initiative.

Instigated by the International Living Future Institute with the establishment of a map of real-life examples, an annual award, and practical resources; the LFIA extended the Biophilic Design Initiative in 2018 to enable the broad adoption of biophilic design locally and to position Australia as a global leader.

“We are delighted to have Junglefy as our partner for our Biophilic Design Initiative because of the clear alignment in our work and the shared understanding that reconnecting people to the natural world is a vital part of creating a living future.” said Laura Hamilton-O’Hara, LFIA’s Chief Executive Officer.

Biophilic design is a core requirement of the Living Building Challenge – the world’s most rigorous proven performance standard for buildings. Required in both the ‘Health & Happiness’ and ‘Beauty’ Petals of the Living Building Challenge, at its core biophilic design emphasises that our connection to place, climate, culture, and community are crucial to creating a truly Living Building.

“The work of the LFIA and the Biophilic Design Initiative is critical to the future of our cities and we must reconnect people back to nature” said Suzie Barnett, Junglefy’s General Manager. “We hope our support of this initiative will generate interest in those passionate about biophilia and give this movement the momentum it deserves”.

The Biophilic Design Initiative has a range of industry events and training courses throughout the year, designed to empower the industry to integrate the principles of biophilic design into their projects.

To learn more about the Biophilic Design Initiative, please visit https://living-future.org.au/biophilic-design/

To see Biophilic Design in practice, view our project case studies