20 June 2019

A life-sized installation at Denfair this week will demonstrate the impact of air pollution in our cities and the biological power of plants to provide cleaner air as well as other health benefits. 

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), air pollution is the world’s single largest environmental health risk and in Melbourne alone, air pollution is the cause of 4,316 deaths each year. World Environment Day 2019 has been dedicated to raising awareness on this issue. 

A collaboration between living infrastructure specialists Junglefy and leading Australian designer Adam Cornish, the installation will feature a self-contained microclimate that is polluted via a smoke machine, then purified using the Junglefy Breathing WallTM, a unique plant-based filter system which has been scientifically proven to clean polluted air for both indoor and outdoor applications.  

According to Adam Cornish “the Junglefy Breathing Wall is more than just another green-wall and more powerful than hundreds of pot-plants – it’s an innovative, beautifully designed system combining technology with nature resulting in the fastest removal of pollutants in scientific literature.” said Cornish. 

This installation is about raising awareness of air pollution as a massive global issue whilst also offering hope that as humans we can harness nature to solve this problem’’ he said. 

The Junglefy Breathing Wall is made up of plants carefully chosen for their abilities to clean the air and thrive inside our built environment. From a design perspective the plants are the hero feature of the product and evoke an emotional and physical connection to a space. 

The Junglefy Breathing Wall can be scaled to fit any size internal wall and is also available as a free-standing unit allowing it to be moved and customised to suit any contemporary design. It also has external application including entire building facades, walls and even along motorways.  

Each application includes irrigation, lighting and ventilation systems to ensure the plants thrive over an extended period of time and comes with a lifetime warrantyii. The module itself has been designed using the principles of Circular Economy to ensure it can be used over and over again. 

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air and given the amount of pollutants in our environment predominantly from exhaust fumes, furniture, paints and carpets we must increase our awareness and act now said Jock Gammon, Junglefy’s Co-founder and Managing Director. I am enormously proud of our collaboration with Adam Cornish and together I believe we have created something that is beautiful, environmentally restorative and also serves as a functional tool for providing cleaner air resulting in happier, healthier people”. 

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