Extract from the April issue:

The walls have leaves

Our city air comes with all sorts of added extras, some of which are not so beneficial to our health. What if you could treat and neutralise some of the nasties, such as carbon dioxide, chemical pollutants and airborne particles?

Innovative Sydney company Junglefy – whose Breathing Wall received a Best in Category for Product Design at the 2017 Good Design Awards – believes it has the green-wall technology to do just that.

A fan-activated ventilation system behind the green wall draws air through the living plants and their growing medium to remove carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter, while the plants produce oxygen. It’s a green filter for indoor environments but goes one step further than most plant-based filtration systems, as the Breathing Wall treats the pollutants via microbes in the plants’ root systems and through their growing medium, which breaks down and absorbs them.