Originally published in Sourceable by Andrew Heaton on 20 September 2019

Firms related to the architecture, engineering and construction sector are set to join almost 2,000 companies, businesses and organisations around Australia who will support millions of school students around the world who will taking part in action to send a message to world leaders about the urgency and importance of climate change.

On Friday thousands of Australian students are set to join their global counterparts in a mass day of protest to demand action on climate change.

They will be supported by 1,878 businesses and organisations throughout Australia who have joined the Not Business as Usual Alliance, who have pledged that the day will not be ‘business as usual’.

Suzie Barnett, General manager at Junglefy, said the firm had a passion for creating a healthy and resilient world.

“Junglefy are supporting the Climate Strike as we feel passionate about creating a healthy and resilient world for us and the generations to come,” Barnett said.

“The damage that has already been done by climate change has had a disastrous impact on the lives of people, natural resources, air quality and biodiversity.

“We also wanted our participation to raise awareness to our staff, our clients, our families, friends and the industry at large, that we cannot afford to keep pretending this is not happening, we are all responsible for our shared future and must act and do everything we can, no matter how big or small.

“We hope Friday raises awareness in a way that people unite behind one goal and are compelled to do something, perhaps it’s something they’ve been on the fence on that urges them into action, perhaps it’s becoming a stronger influencer to help others act.

“This kind of action shows how together we are far more powerful than we are alone. People caused this, but people can solve it too. We want our team to feel like they are part of the solution.”

Participation in the latest strike follows July’s launch of Architects Declare Australia, which ahs declared a climate and biodiversity emergency.

The declaration has more than 560 signatories.

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