Over the June long weekend over 6,000 people enjoyed PLAY[ground], the latest offering by Archikidz, an organisation that inspires tomorrow’s thinkers and city-makers and educates children about the built environment. Archikidz, in partnership with Sydney Living Museums for Vivid 2015, transformed the Hyde Park Barracks for three days into an immersive play space for kids and Junglefy was thrilled to be involved.

Six workshops over three days meant 250 people, or 500 hands, got dirty planting 60 modules with 480 plants. Now THAT’S a lot of people that learnt how to #junglefyourcities with us at PLAY[ground] over the June long weekend. PLAY[ground] was all about giving kids of all ages the opportunity to get involved in sharing their ideas about how we can create a healthier and more sustainable future city.

We know that the kids of today are the thinkers and city-makers of tomorrow, which is why we understand the importance of getting them involved in “junglefying” our cities and making our cities better and healthier places to live. It is one thing to teach our kids about sustainability and the environment, but it’s another to actually show them the impact that their actions and decisions have in real life. Here at Junglefy we want kids to reconnect with nature and to really understand the huge role that plants can play in our cities and how we need to rethink where they can grow.

Collaborating with Archikidz gave us our first opportunity to give kids and their families the chance to get their hands dirty learning how to plant their own living vertical garden. They learnt about the best types of plants for green walls, the importance of the right growing media, and even got to attach their own finished modules to the communal green wall. What’s even more exciting is that the final product is part of a fantastic legacy project with City of Sydney, and will be donated as a community green wall to the Ultimo Community Centre, a public location in need of what we like to call “junglefication” (the act of re-introducing plant life into our cities).

Ultimo Community Centre, located in Sydney’s inner city, is a venue where people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and interests can come together to socialise, learn and get active in a safe and welcoming environment. It’s this community support that attracted our attention and made it the perfect recipient of the green wall from our PLAY[ground] workshops. The planted modules are growing as we speak, and we hope to install the community green wall at the start of July. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, or visit our blog, to stay up to date with the installation and see your green wall flourish.