Yerrabingin Rooftop Farm

Australia’s first Indigenous rooftop farm in now open at South Eveleigh. The visionary concept was developed by cultural start-up Yerrabingin in a collaboration with Mirvac.

The 500sqm rooftop farm was officially opened by NSW Governor, David Hurley and Mirvac CEO, Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz and followed by a traditional smoking ceremony and a moving Welcome to Country, performed by Yerrabingin Director, Clarence Slockee.

“By working with Yerrabingin we were able to co-create an experience at the precinct that will engage and connect the public to Aboriginal culture and traditions, while educating them on the history of the site.” said Ms Lloyd-Hurwitz.

The South Eveleigh site has an important cultural link – it is the place where Indigenous workers were given equality in the workplace through employment at the old Eveleigh railway workshops. The establishment of the Indigenous farm at the site also pays respect to the traditional owners of the Gadigal land.

The Yerrabingin rooftop farm is designed to deliver a number of benefits including increased urban green space, added biodiversity and creating opportunities for sharing indigenous permaculture methods and stories through workshops and tours. The farm also has an important social objective and will be managed by Yerrabingin with a team of Indigenous staff. The business will be self-sustainable with revenue generated through the sale of the produce, herbs and the onsite education events.

Having completed various green roofs and urban farms, Junglefy provided expertise on the project design and constructed the green roof. A bespoke native farm mix was also developed for this rooftop farm to use in the garden beds.

Junglefy and Yerrabingin will also team up to work together on a number of upcoming living infrastructure projects through an ongoing partnership. The next collaborative project will be NAB’s new headquarters in Wynyard Place.

Yerrabingin Rooftop Farm

(L-R) Christian Hampson; Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz; Clarence Slockee; Governor General David Hurley; Linda Hurley; Costa Georgiadis. Photo credit: Mirvac

Yerrabingin Rooftop Farm Opening

(L-R) Christian Hampson, Director, Yerrabingin; Susan Llloyd-Hurwitz, CEO, Mirvac; Clarence Slockee, Director, Yerrabingin. Photo credit: Mirvac

Yerrabingin Rooftop Farm

(L-R) Christian Hampson; Suzie Barnett, General Manager, Junglefy; Clarence Slockee; Jock Gammon, Co-founder and Managing Director, Junglefy. Photo credit: Mirvac