Image: Good Design Award 2017 Best In Category: Product Design, Commercial and Industrial: Junglefy, Breathing Wall!

Good Design Award 2017 Best In Category ‘Product Design, Commercial and Industrial’: Junglefy, Breathing Wall!

June 9th 2017 – We won! The Junglefy Breathing Wall has received the Best In Category Award for Commercial and Industrial Product Design at the 2017 Good Design® Awards.

According to the Jury “We were blown away by the modularity and versatility of the wall and its components. This is a beautiful example where nature, technology and elegant interior architecture are all seamlessly blend into each other. More like this please.”

This is Junglefy’s second award win for its Breathing Wall system and its fourth award nomination. It is the result of a highly successful collaboration between Junglefy, industrial designer Adam Cornish and scientific research partner UTS.

The Australian Good Design Awards attracted innovative entries from all corners of the world and the standard of submissions this year has really been incredible” said Dr Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia and Chair of the Good Design Awards program.

This is one of the few design award programs in the world where design and innovation are celebrated so broadly. This year’s Good Design® winners represent excellence in design across the widest spectrum of design including Product Design, Service Design, Architectural Design, Design Strategy, Digital and Communication Design and Social Innovation” Dr. Gien commented.

Good design is about making our lives better, safer and happier. It extends to everything around us – from the products we use in our daily lives and the services we interact with to the buildings we live and work in – they can all be improved through better design. That’s what lies at the heart of these Awards.

Australia’s Good Design Awards date back to the 1950’s and have an enviable record of unearthing globally recognised talent and products.

The Junglefy Breathing Wall, is an active modular green wall system that is scientifically proven to accelerate the removal of harmful air pollutants, like carbon dioxide, particulates and volatile organic compounds resulting in safer, more comfortable and productive working and living environments.


For more information on the science and research behind the Junglefy Breathing wall, visit our website and listen to this ABC Radio National podcast, with our General Manager, Suzie Barnett.