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This article was first published in the Fifth Estate, by Cameron Jewell, 5 July 2016

Lendlease’s new headquarters at its Barangaroo South development has become the first to install a new green wall technology researchers say absorbs carbon dioxide faster than any other plant system.

Dubbed a “breathing wall” by its developers Junglefy, the 5000-plant, two-storey system at Barangaroo is designed to remove pollutants as well as cool the indoor environment, helping to reduce airconditioning costs. For a typical office, simulations have estimated the technology could cut HVAC energy use by 33 per cent. Noise reduction is another benefit, with a 41 per cent reduction in reflected noise compared to a conventional building wall.

The system is composed of modules made from low-density recyclable polyethylene, with a growing medium high in coconut fibre. The system is actively ventilated via an electric axial impeller, providing airflow across the plants and growing medium, which acts to increase the rate of carbon dioxide draw down, and the volume of air that can be filtered and cooled by each module.

“We are proud to have partnered with Junglefy, one of Australia’s leading living infrastructure specialists to deliver Australia’s first breathing wall, to provide a safer, more comfortable and productive working environment,” head of Lendlease workplace programs Cate Harris said.

The system has undergone extensive testing at the University of Technology Sydney, where a two-year study found it was able to absorb carbon dioxide, particulates and volatile organic compounds at significant rates. In fact, it was recorded as absorbing 24.2 litres of carbon dioxide an hour, which the study authors said was one of the highest recorded carbon dioxide removal rate recorded in scientific literature.

“Our research has shown that the new approach taken by Junglefy delivers some of the highest photosynthetic carbon dioxide removal rates observed in research to date,” UTS Plants and Environmental Quality Research Group leader Dr Fraser Torpy said.

VOCs were removed at 1.5 times the rate of an equivalent amount of pot plants, while 95 per cent of <PM10 particulates were removed.

Junglefy owner and founder Jock Gammon said the system was more than just a green wall…

This article was first published in the Fifth Estate. Read the full article here…