From hanging trees to a chandelier of plants, our recent bespoke project for software giant Atlassian was always going to be interesting…

The experience design team at Atlassian, led by Senior Experience Manager, Nick Todd, were after a unique and clever project idea for the main entry space into their new Sydney offices.

This is where Junglefy came in.

In collaboration with Siren Design and industrial designer Adam Cornish, we brainstormed an array of diverse and creative ideas before deciding on a custom-made suspended plant mobile with a rustic finish, centred around one larger pot, counterbalanced by four smaller pots. The carefully engineered design, which is 7m tall and 1.5m in diameter, is suspended in the light-filled atrium of the building on a single stainless steel cable spanning three floors.

Atlassian, and their creative experience design team, was a fantastic client who fostered continual innovation and the development of an exciting new concept that would enhance the workplace environment. Their enthusiasm around bringing plants indoors aligned perfectly with our vision to Junglefy our cities and share the innumerable benefits of plants with everyone.

This approach reflects the biophilia phenomenon (literally meaning ‘love of life or living systems’), which recognises human’s fundamental need for engagement with nature and is one the main pillars behind our drive to Junglefy our cities. This, in conjunction with the ability of indoor plants to filter and clean the air and improve air quality, has been proven to contribute greatly to improvements in our mental and emotional health. By bringing plants indoors in such a beautiful and creative way, Atlassian are adopting a biophilic mindset for which their employees will enjoy the physical and mental benefits.

Who wouldn’t want to work in a beautiful, creative place filled with plants?

After this successful foray into bespoke plant design, we can’t wait for the next project where we can provide unique ‘plantscaping’ ideas that combine the benefits of the natural environment with the aesthetic appeal of art. Watch this space…

Photo taken by talented Atlassian, Norman Ma