We are super excited to announce our new project with Transport NSW – a three-storey car park wrapped in our Breathing Wall modules. The Manly Vale B-Line commuter car park is a world-first project that will integrate our latest innovation, rotating Breathing Walls.

The Breathing Wall car park will transform a traditionally bland structure into a beautiful, functional building that provides clean air and noise reduction for locals. Member for Manly, James Griffin said, “The concept of the green wall was something put to me by a number of people living near the project and I am sure this will live up to their expectations,”.

This new generation Breathing Wall means there are no limitations to where green walls and green facades can be used as the rotating panels provide easy access to the plants. The project at Manly Vale will set an aspirational benchmark for similar commuter car parks along the northern B-line route.

James Griffin MP, Member for Manly, said in the media release, “This is an exciting step towards creating more sustainable designs for infrastructure and we are excited to be working with one of Australia’s leading living infrastructure specialists, Junglefy, to provide a green solution for the Northern Beaches.”

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B-Line commuter carpark to have 9000 plants as part of ‘breathing wall’ – Manly Daily, 25 October 2017

Manly Vale B-Line