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Naidoc Week is an exciting time to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The week highlights the untapped opportunity to embed Indigenous culture into our cities through architecture and green spaces. By integrating the designs, materials and knowledge of First Nations peoples into urban environments, we create biophilic, sustainable and uniquely Australian places for people.

Barangaroo House

Junglefy has a special connection to Barangaroo; the location of some of our projects – Barangaroo House, Lendlease’s global headquarters in International Towers, the rooftop of the Alexander and Anadara residences and the biodiversity green roof of Daramu House.

Barangaroo is most significant as it was the home and rich fishing and hunting region for the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. It was named in honour of a prominent Cammeraygal woman called Barangaroo, a highly skilled hunter and provider for her clan. She was fiercely protective of the Indigenous customs and maintained the traditional way of life until the very end. Her legacy of unwavering strength and loyalty to her place and people remains.

Melbourne Quarter is one of our recently completed projects with over 1700 plants across the towers to create ribbons of green.

The site of Melbourne Quarter was once a vast wetland with waterways filled by the Yarra River. The area was an important meeting place for the Woi wurrung and Boon wurrung people of the Kulin nation, who were sustained by its fertile lands. High on the hills, plants were established for harvesting which supplemented seasonal food resources.

The meeting place established by the Kulin Nation’s peoples shows us the importance of coming together and respecting the land on which we gather.

Yerrabingin Indigenous Rooftop Farm

A project close to our heart is the Yerrabingin Indigenous Rooftop Farm on Gadigal land in South Eveleigh. Developed by Mirvac and Yerrabingin, the urban farm is a contemporary showcase of Indigenous culture, design and knowledge.

Filled with over 2,000 edible plants with a medicinal or cultural value, the farm uses traditional permaculture and organic methodology. The rooftop farm provides an important link to our Indigenous history and creates a platform for education and career pathways.

Originally a central meeting point for the Gadigal clans, the South Eveleigh region today remains a cultural hub for community connection, Indigenous learning and creativity.

Junglefy Nursery

The Junglefy nursery is where all the magic happens. The plants that have greened our cities through our projects started here.

The nursery is located on Garigal country, in Ingleside on Sydney’s northern beaches. The region and its wider area is rich with Indigenous history and significant cultural sites. The well documented engravings, grinding grooves, rock shelters, midden remnants and art are dotted throughout the bushland and provide a valuable link to the people who lived and travelled through here for thousands of years.

We have enjoyed learning and sharing these stories throughout Naidoc Week and will continue to be inspired by the rich cultural history of our First Nations peoples.

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