A recent tour of the Plants and Environmental Quality research lab at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) saw sustainable building leaders applaud the award-winning Junglefy Breathing Wall and its benefits.

A 10m2 Junglefy Breathing Wall filters 8,400 litres of air every minute. It also removes up to 15 litres of pure carbon dioxide (CO2) each hour, offsetting the respiratory emissions of two to three building occupants during a standard working day.

Maria Atkinson, Sustainability Strategist and Director at Maria Atkinson Consulting said: “What I saw on the research of the Junglefy plant system just blew my mind. How fast the plants were able to purify the air – it was incredible.”



The Junglefy Breathing Wall really is a game changer. It is scientifically proven to accelerate the removal of air pollutants like CO2, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds faster than any other plant-based system on the market.

“Things like the Breathing Wall are an evolution of an industry, and certainly in the property industry that is where we’re heading” says Greg Incoll, Managing Director at Sagent.

The CSIRO estimates unhealthy indoor air quality (IAQ) is costing the Australian economy about $12 billion each year in lost productivity. [ref] Brown, S.K. (1998.) Beating the $12 Billion Cost of Polluted Air. CSIRO Press Release, Ref 98/55. [/ref] In the UK, the annual bill for associated health problems totals more than £20 billion. [ref] Royal College of Physicians. (2016.) Every breath we take: the lifelong impact of air pollution. Report of a working party. London. p. xiii [/ref]

Joshua Black, Commercial Director at CJ Duncan notes the potential of the Junglefy Breathing Wall to change this: “I see a huge amount of opportunity for breathing walls in office buildings where we’ve got thousands of people working… I think a breathing wall could really improve their lives, obviously improve the air quality and create greater wellbeing.”

Architect Joe Snell agrees: “We need these breathing walls wherever we are so; workplaces, childcare and in our homes. We just need it everywhere.”

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