On International Women’s Day, we celebrate women in all their roles, capacities and values. This year’s theme asks us to consider #BalanceforBetter.

In a truly balanced world, we would not celebrate a day for women as all people, regardless of any differentiator would be treated equally. The imbalance of the past is levelling out as society progresses towards a more equitable and unified belief that puts all people on a level platform.

According to the International Women’s Day annual study, 50% of people believe that today’s women will have a fairer life than that of the previous generation. The advances made are positive, but the gap still has more room for change.

Despite 77.7% of women being employed in a paid job and women making up 23% of executive leadership teams, there are still only 7% of female CEOs in the ASX200 companies and Australian Parliament comprises only 33% of women.

Closing the gap for women and other factors including age, ethnicity and cultural values is on the way to achieving parity through educating, advocating and governance. Balance for better is not a utopia that none of us will get to but is a guiding principle to help pave the way for a fairer society.

We asked the women of Junglefy to share their thoughts on #BalanceforBetter. Read their views: