Last week, James Griffin MP, Member for Manly visited our nursery to learn what goes into creating living James Griffin nurseryinfrastructure projects like the Manly Vale commuter car park. Mr Griffin saw where the 9,000 plants used in the car park were grown and helped us with planting some modules.

James Griffin Planting

Mr Griffin has been a strong supporter of the project and said “Every member would love to have a Manly Vale car park in their local area”.

The car park, covered with Junglefy Breathing Wall modules, helps to clean the surrounding air, cool air temperature and provide a habitat for local biodiversity. The car park will be subject to air quality testing by UTS research scientists which will produce data to prove the effectiveness of the Breathing Wall in this application.

The car park was officially opened in December 2018 by James Griffin and Andrew Constance MP, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure. “We need to get Living Infrastructure in the same discussion as street trees as everyone is talking about street trees but we don’t always have the space”, said Mr Griffin.

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