Ten years and millions of plants later…

(L-R) Jon Kingston, Wayside Chapel; Scott Ibbotson, Turf Design; Indira Naidoo, presenter & author; Emma Bowen, Pocket City Farms

It’s not every day your business turns ten – particularly when you began life as a disruptive start-up, created by a husband and wife team with big visions and a lot of heart. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in those ten years, so we thought it was time to celebrate.

We were fortunate to be able to hold our 10th birthday at the beautiful Yerrabingin, Australia’s first indigenous rooftop farm, which we proudly helped to create.

Our hosts at Yerrabingin were Christian and Clarence, who gave the most engaging and heart felt acknowledgement of country – we feel humbled to have been able to celebrate in such a precious place.

Not only that, they burst into song, with a spontaneous version of ‘In the Junglefy’ – too funny!

(L-R) Christian & Clarence, Yerrabingin and band, Dear Violet

Junglefy founders, Hanna and Jock Gammon made an emotional and heartfelt speech in which they outlined among other things, how they first met and Jock’s claim to fame as being the ‘piggyback champion of Australia’ (well it wasn’t quite true, but it’s a long story!).

According to Hanna, one of the secrets of Junglefy’s success is a Finnish concept called ‘sisu’ which is best described as a stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience and hardiness – something that Hanna and Jock both have in spades.

(L-R) Clarence Slockee, Yerrabingin; Hanna Gammon, Junglefy; Jock Gammon, Junglefy; Suzie Barnett, Junglefy; Christian Hampson, Yerrabingin

In the ten years, since Junglefy was first created, we are proud to say that together we have delivered over 200 living infrastructure projects, which means we have brought millions of plants into our cities, and by doing that we have provided cleaner air, cooler temperatures and healthier humans, not to mention places for untold number of bugs, birds, mammals and reptiles.

According to Junglefy GM, Suzie Barnett, ‘I never tire of seeing the pure joy green walls and other kinds of living infrastructure bring to people, the chance encounters they create and the random conversations they spark. With so many benefits, you can see why we simply love what we do.’

We couldn’t have made it this far without the support and belief of so many people in the industry, and although we could only invite a select few to our party, we thank all of you for coming on the journey with us.

We’re on a mission to Junglefy our cities. Our dream is to see nature return to the city. We believe plants and nature can help revive our cities and we have an action plan to achieve it.

If you have a random idea (or a sensible one) for a place that could do with a bit of Junglefying, we’d love to discuss the possibilities. After all, it’s those visionary, creative thinkers like you who got us this far in the first place… just imagine what we can achieve together in the next ten years!

If you’d like to discuss ideas for your project, feel free to contact Jock Gammon on 0412 455 342 or our new BDM, Kathryn Friend on 0447 028 946.

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