We are thrilled to announce that last night our Junglefy Breathing Wall won the Green Building Product award at the 2016 Sustainability Awards hosted by Architecture & Design Magazine.

The Green Building Product award recognises a new product or material, which helps advance progress in the sustainable built environment.

According to the judges: ‘the performance data derived from University of Technology Sydney testing will reassure building designers that choosing a Junglefy Breathing Wall is actually proven to accelerate the removal of air pollutants and thus help provide safer, more comfortable and productive working and living environments’.

Accepting this award was a huge honour and recognition that others are as excited as we are about the potential of our Breathing Wall. We have always believed in the power of plants and hope that by winning this award others will believe it too.

The modular Junglefy Breathing Wall is scientifically proven to clean the air of toxins faster than any plant based system on the market, and recently debuted as a six metre high, hero design element at Lendlease’s new global headquarters at Barangaroo South.

Established in 2007, the Architecture & Design Sustainability Awards celebrate excellence in sustainable design and building. In its tenth year, the Sustainability Awards recognises environmentally sustainable building and design initiatives that go ‘beyond the tick-a-box approach’.

Junglefy would like to thank the UTS Plants and Environmental Quality Research Group in particular Dr Fraser Torpy and Peter Irga for the scientific rigour behind the Breathing Wall and also Lendlease who were willing to take a risk and install it for the first time in the global headquarters at Barangaroo.

In other award news, the Junglefy Breathing Wall has been announced as a Green Globe finalist which will be announced on the 27 October (fingers crossed). We have also submitted a nomination for the Banksia Smart Award and will find out on the 26 October 2016 if we’re also a finalist.