Celebrating the best of 2020

Sam Kennett, Construction Manager

Our Junglefyers are passionate about their role in greening our cities and each year we recognise those who continually go above and beyond. The 2020 Junglefyer of the Year was awarded to Sam Kennett, our Construction Manager for his commitment to excellence. Sam’s dedication to the construction of our projects and his leadership of the Construction team has shone through in this very difficult year.

The Junglefyer of the Year award is founded on the Junglefy values of authenticity, collaboration, leadership and transformation; all of which Sam displays daily in his role.

Supporting Junglefyer Awards were presented to team members for their exceptional work this year – the Accountability Icon was awarded to Mark Daniels, for his his reliability in his role and continuing to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional outcomes.

The Collaborative Champion was awarded to Emily-Rose Reynolds-Woods for her collaborative spirit in the Construction team. Emily works harmoniously with her team and values the contributions of others to always find a solution.

Wendy Hanlin received the Transformation Trendsetter award for embracing new technology and challenges this year. As the One Central Park Manager, Wendy is always willing to take on opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge.

Matthew Conroy, our Horticulture Manager, received the Sisu Superstar award for showing grit, bravery and resilience to change. Matthew embraced the challenges of this year with a positive attitude and inspired his team to continually deliver great work.

Sisu is a Finnish concept describing the ability to show determination and courage in adversity. Junglefy was introduced to the this concept by our Chair, Hanna Gammon. Born in Finland, Hanna describes needing ‘sisu’ to endure the darkness of Finland’s Winters. We have taken this idea as an aspirational benchmark to apply in a work context and reward those who adapt to challenging times.

The WHS Leader was awarded to Chris Avison in our Melbourne Construction team. Chris approaches every day with passion and is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of others.

This year has delivered many obstacles but our team have rallied to overcome these challenges and continued to bring the very best to each and every project. We know how much people need nature in their lives and we are committed to ensuring our cities are thriving and healthy places to be, for people and biodiversity.