Over the past few months, the Junglefy team (and we mean everyone in our office) have been getting dirty and working tirelessly to build our new nursery from the ground up! Many a team-bonding day has been spent digging, concreting, measuring, drilling, spraying, irrigating and planting through sweltering heat and heavy rains to get the nursery up and running as soon as possible.

Having our own nursery, especially one of this size, is enormously exciting for a number of reasons. First, it enables us to grow and control our own plant stock, meaning we are better equipped to respond to and fulfill our clients’ diverse range of living infrastructure requests. Second, it will mean we can provide the plants we need faster and also be in control of their plant health from start to finish. Third, our own nursery provides a space for us to do our own research and trial new species, many of which are not commercially available in the required quantities.

We can’t wait to start planting our first seedlings, grown specifically for our unique living infrastructure projects. Watch this space more photos and updates to come soon.