Here at Junglefy, it’s no secret that we have a serious addiction to plants. All plants. Inside plants, outside plants, big plants and small plants. We just can’t get enough of them and we want to see them everywhere! That’s why we were so excited to see a recent article acknowledging the beauty and capabilities of nature and encouraging everyone to have plants both inside and out!

As people are realising the many benefits of plants for our health and wellbeing, the trend of indoor-outdoor offices is becoming more and more popular. This “nature-inspired” approach to design and architecture is being adopted by many companies as the demand for healthier workplaces increases. Not only do plants have significant aesthetic appeal, but they also provide many functional capabilities. Indoor plants have the innovative ability to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the environment, which, according to recent studies by the University of Technology Sydney, can reduce negativity and stress and improve productivity by up to 60% and 30% respectively. So, what’s not to love about a beautiful and functional leafy, green office space?

Many companies have already realised the advantages of indoor plants and have started transforming the traditional office environment into a leafy urban oasis. While there is the need for ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the indoor plants, there is no denying it is a worthwhile investment, where the benefits for staff health and wellbeing clearly outweigh the associated costs.

So let’s take some inspiration from these fantastic workplace environments and incorporate some of the outdoors, indoors.

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