As our cities face pressures of population growth, climate change and decreasing natural environment, the Victorian State Government has released the ‘Metro Tunnel Living Infrastructure Plan’ as part of their $11 billion Metro Tunnel project. The project will direct the busiest train routes underneath instead of through the city, which opens the opportunity to include more living infrastructure throughout Melbourne.

The Living Infrastructure Plan provides guidance on meeting sustainability targets, mitigating climate issues such as the urban heat island effect, stormwater runoff, reduced biodiversity and habitat destruction, plus providing health, social and wellbeing benefits to residents. The plan has received community support and local council endorsement and aims to provide a benchmark for future urban planning and place making to produce positive environmental and community outcomes.

Melbourne is a city already renowned for its progressive approach to encouraging nature within the built environment through the ‘Urban Forest Fund’ and the ‘Rooftop Project’. The new metro project will demonstrate Victoria’s leadership and commitment to sustainability and will leave a lasting legacy for its residents.

Melbourne CBD