The rooftop bar revolution has hit Sydney with it’s latest offering – Taylor’s – situated atop the 1882 heritage listed Republic Hotel, nestled on the corner of Pitt and Bridge Street and absolutely bursting with plants, or what we like to call ‘junglefication’.

Designed by Tzannes Associates and constructed by Fugen Construction it features our very own green wall modules which not only look amazing but the plants also help to filter and clean the air, meaning a better night for everyone!

Something else we really love about this particular installation is the fusion of plants and art. The beautiful copper keg, exposed steel beams and Lister’s graffiti artworks scattered around the place are perfectly complemented by the lush, verdant green wall. It’s no secret that we love the combination of arts and plants, having previously worked with well-known street artist Sid Tapia on a project for the World Parks Congress (check out that project here).

We recommend you check out this incredible space and breathe that cool fresh rooftop air (thanks to all those plants) and partaking of a beverage or two… but don’t just take our word for it, the folks at The Urban List a.k.a the holy grail of what’s hot in Sydney think you should too!

Oh, and make sure to take a shot in front of the green wall and send it our way #junglefyourcities

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Image Credit: Federica Portentoso and Zo Zhou,