The Junglefyer of the Year Awards recognise those who consistently display the Junglefy values in their daily work. Our team has put in a big effort this year to deliver some amazing work, there were a few standouts for 2019.

Chloe Brant, One Central Park Manager

The Junglefyer of the Year Award went to Chloe Brant for her exceptional work in her new role as One Central Park Manager. Stepping into the role earlier this year, Chloe has showed leadership and transformation by galvanising the team with a sense of passion and positivity.

Chloe was the winner of the 2018 Innovation Award through her work on Junglefy’s Biodiversity Walls and Roofs.

Winners of the other 2019 Awards were Mark Daniels, receiving the Innovation Award and also the winner of last year’s Accountability Award; Hisham Alameddine, receiving the Accountability Award; Leigh Stammers, for the Getting It Done Award and our new Client Choice Award went to Sam Kennett, our SA Project Manager, for delivering our Adelaide projects.

Well done to all our winners!