It is pretty frightening to read all the stats about the impact of industrial agriculture on our natural environment.  Did you know industrial agriculture occupies around 50% habitable land, consumes about 70% of the planet fresh accessible water and accounts for 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions!! As such the land-based agriculture is not sustainable and in its current form will not be able to meet the challenge of increasing food production and improving the environment over the next 30 to 40 years.

So where to from here?

Technological advances have resulted in a diverse range of vertical and indoor farming applications throughout the world which is really exciting. Due to the diminished risk of weather and pest damage, along with consistent crops and multiple yields, make this method of agriculture a reliable and profitable investment. There are now urban ag companies using techniques such as hydroponics to service an increasing  chunk of the market thereby challenging the traditionally methods of land use. And whilst the method used is not yet utilising vertical growing methods it will be only matter of time when space can be optimised by growing north!

Profession as an urban farmer anyone?

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