For years we’ve been working on something really big here at Junglefy. I’ve mentioned it a few times and alluded to what it might be capable of achieving. Now, finally I can reveal the fruits of our labour – a little something called the Junglefy Breathing Wall!

I say little, I mean big. It’s a game-changer for indoor air quality (IAQ) all over the world, a system like no other according to our friends at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) who we’ve been working with for the last two years, testing and researching it (and testing it some more).

Actually, we didn’t want to launch this product until the research was finished. The reason why is because we’ve seen enough greenwash in the building industry over the years, and we thought other people must be a bit over it too. So against the advice or our accountant, we have been sitting on this innovation waiting for the science to tell us what we already hoped, that we’d invented something that could change people’s lives and create a cleaner, healthier environment. I can honestly say this is one of the proudest times of my life.

So what is it exactly? Well it’s not dissimilar to our other plant based green wall systems, composed of linear low-density polyethylene with a growing medium high in coconut fibre. What’s different about it, however, is that we’ve activated it using a fan, providing a uniform airflow across plants and growing medium. Basically, we’ve supercharged the plants to clean the air from harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide (CO2), particulate matter (PM) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and the best part is, the scientists at UTS believe our system can do this faster than any other plant-based system on the market.

UTS Plants and Environmental Quality Research Group leader Dr Fraser Torpy said apart from making public and office spaces feel better, plants are also very successful at absorbing toxins and carbon dioxide through the natural process of photosynthesis and biofiltration.

He said tests of our Junglefy Breathing Wall, had delivered a significant and quite unexpected improvement in toxin and COuptake by plants.

“Our research has shown that the new approach taken by Junglefy delivers some of the highest photosynthetic carbon dioxide removal rates observed in research to date” Dr Torpy said.

Three papers based on these studies have been peer reviewed and now await publication. In the meantime check out the 90-page research report from UTS, a 2-page fact sheet summary and a highly visual infographic waiting to be read on our website here:

In addition to this research, we have also been working with an amazing group of people at Lendlease who will have the first ever Junglefy Breathing Wall installed at the entrance to their new global HQ in Tower Three, International Towers Sydney at Barangaroo. This is really important given all our research to date has been done inside the UTS lab and working with Lendlease will enable us to test the wall in a real office with people coming and going all day long.

Earlier this year Lendlease held a competition for their employees and the winners came out to our nursery and helped us plant up the modules. We had a fantastic day getting our hands dirty and it was great to see how enthusiastic they all were. Below is the video that captures how much fun we had on this day. I am also pleased to report they did a great job as all plants are thriving and ready to make their way to their new home in July. The employees were extremely excited to be a part of the day and can’t wait to see their plants continue to grow in their new workplace.

Last week I presented the Junglefy Breathing Wall to employees at Lendlease as part of their Grand Reveal of their new headquarters to their people. Lendlease’s interest in deepening the commitment to better health includes evidence based research, collecting data and embedding the learnings in the spaces they create.

What the Lendlease installation also represents for me, is science in action and an opportunity to showcase how scientific research can become a commercial reality. I hope that this approach will become more common as it’s a win-win for our universities, businesses like Junglefy, as well as the industry overall.

I look forward to working with other leaders in the industry as we roll out and test more breathing walls in Australia. I am particularly excited about finding an existing office retrofit opportunity and seeing how it performs.

It would be remiss of me not to end this blog with a few thankyous, as this is the culmination of so much work and collaboration between so many people. First, thanks to the scientists at UTS namely Dr Fraser Torpy and Peter Irga, the brains behind the research. Your dedication to this project has been outstanding. All the people at Lendlease (too many of you to name!) who got excited early on about our Junglefy Breathing Wall and took a chance on this new innovation. Finally, everyone at Junglefy including our marketing consultants, Good Marketing, we couldn’t have done this without your hard work.

So, there you have it, my latest invention finally out of the lab and into commercial reality. Thank you once again to everyone who helped to make this happen and give me a call if you are interested in testing it in your own building.