We are living in crazy, unprecedented times. 

The unchartered waters of the global pandemic caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19) has our full undivided attention as we consider the health and wellbeing of ourselves, our families, our clients, our co-workers and our economy.

To get through this, let’s consider how we can all help each other to stay informed, healthy and working.

We know that being present in nature can provide respite when we are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or isolated. So, go for a walk outside. Know that the birds are still singing and the sun is still shining. Bringing plants into your space can help restore calm and protect mental health.

Our world has changed and we must adapt to become more resilient. Our lives will return to normal. Hopefully a new normal, with better ways to live, work, travel and engage. What hasn’t changed is our mission to bring more plants into our cities, in fact, we feel that we need this now more than ever.

Like everyone else, we have implemented a number of new protocols and policies to ensure we keep our staff, our clients and our community safe. For more information about these please read our COVID-19 Policy – it’s a Word document that is available for download, so feel free to use and adapt it for your own business.

Download COVID-19 Policy

With these new protocols in place, our team is still on-site installing and maintaining our living infrastructure projects. We know many offices have closed and staff are working from home, but the plants still need us (and we need them).

We are fully set up to deliver our services with minimal contact but with maximum communication and even if you are not around, we’ll email you with an update on how your project is doing.

So while we are waiting for the storm to pass, let’s help others, stay connected to your community and reconnect to nature.

Speaking of staying connected, we’d love to hear how you are engaging with nature and plants at home or at work. Tag us @junglefyourcities with your photos.

At Junglefy, we’re still working to bring more plants into our cities and always will be.