The future is healthy, agile, connected and collaborative. Are you joining the workplace revolution?

In this pivotal time, we’re reimagining workplaces to help us work better and smarter. Change brings opportunity to put employee health, productivity and retention to the forefront as companies invest in the things that matter.

Workplaces need to be designed with purpose to galvanise team culture, create a safe and healthy environment, while providing flexibility to layout and function.

Happier and more productive employees.

Workplaces not only need to engage staff and facilitate collaboration but they need to perform better. Plants play a vital role in gaining the best from employees, by providing clean air and noise reduction to improve concentration and productivity. 10% of absenteeism can be attributed architecture with no connection to nature.1 Plants make us feel more relaxed and balanced through our biophilic connection to nature.

Nature has been our biggest ally this year.

Park, nature walks and nurseries have been busier than ever as we have craved nature in our daily lives. Google searches for indoor plants increased by 148% during March and April this year. We want to be close to nature and bringing plants into the workplace means creating spaces that people want to spend time in.

Plants can transform communal areas into a destination that attracts people and encourages healthy work habits with staff being more mobile throughout the day. Living infrastructure can also be used to create barriers to assist with physical distancing.

Plants are no longer the token pot plant in the corner but are an essential component of healthy workplace design. Plants deliver a multitude of benefits that can have real impact on productivity and profitability not to mention, they just make us feel happy!