Project Description

Connecting with

14-25 Bruce Street, Kensington


Key Facts

Project Type:
Garden Type:
Biodiversity Green Roof and Green Facade
Size of Garden:
Biodiversity Roof: 400m2
Number of Plants:
Roof: ~4,000; Facade: 17 trees, cascading plants
Types of Species:
Mix of native and exotic species
Environmental Ratings:
Green Factor Tool score – 0.66
Property Developer – Medley Property Group
Planner – Urbis
Architect – Carr Architects
Landscape Architect – Sydney Design Collective

Medley Property Group’s vision for this project was to foster a connection to nature by weaving plants throughout the building’s façade and rooftop. As an Australian first, the Bruce Street development was the first project to undertake the voluntary Green Factor Tool assessment by the City of Melbourne.

The Tool is part of the ‘Green Our City Action Plan’ and provides a framework for the inclusion of living infrastructure in our cities. This project is likely to set a tangible example for the industry to follow, with measurable environmental, wellbeing and economic benefits.

The brief for this project included a Biodiversity Green Roof to contribute to Melbourne’s green space and provide tenants with an opportunity to connect with nature. The multi-storey office development features a layered façade of specimen trees and cascading plants, creating a seamless connection to the abundant rooftop plants. The integration of plants throughout the building showcases nature from inside and from all external aspects, providing superior amenity for occupants and locals.

With the important inclusion of the Biodiversity Green Roof, this project creates a biodiversity corridor by linking with local projects at Moonee Ponds Creek. This nature corridor provides a vital pathway for wildlife to travel, source food and create habitats. The Biodiversity Green Roof will be part of an ongoing research project with Melbourne University, to understand and document the effectiveness of urban biodiversity initiatives. The research information will be made publicly available to better inform future projects of a similar nature.

Our role

Junglefy provided consultation on the initial design and saw the opportunity to enhance the nature connection by linking the façade to the Biodiversity Green Roof. This feature allows wildlife to easily travel between the façade and roof and provides the building occupants with an immersive nature experience.

Junglefy was involved in the development of the Green Factor Tool and combined with expertise in creating biodiversity initiatives, was able to steer the design to maximise the opportunity for interaction with nature for people and wildlife.

Key Innovation

Junglefy have pioneered Biodiversity Green Roofs through extensive research into pollinator behaviour, nesting habits and plant species that support biodiversity in our cities. The research informed the recommendations for this project – the plant species that provide a year round food source, the type of soil that ground-nesting pollinators prefer and the construction of habitats that will attract native wildlife.

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