Project Description

Green Wall

Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre

Bediagal land

Key Facts

Year Completed:
Garden Type:
Green Wall
Size of Garden:
Number of Species:
Number of Plants:
As required and season dependent

Award-winning Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre (BLaKC) is a key urban redevelopment project in south-western Sydney. A creative adaptation of the former Bankstown Town Hall, it was conceived as a public space for the encouragement of intellectual, creative and social exchange.

Our Role

Junglefy collaborated with FJMT on the design of the 9.5m high green wall. The first of its kind in Australia, it uses natural convection to draw up through a plenum located behind the green wall. The air from the library is drawn in over the plants, which converts CO2 to O2 via a photosynthesis/microbe process. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are also removed by this process. Roof mounted solar panels supplement existing natural lighting.
Junglefy was responsible for the fully engineered design of the supporting structure for the green wall. The success of the biowall required a uniform flow of air past the plants and this needed to be incorporated into the modular green wall layout. Junglefy’s modular green wall system allowed this flexibility. The growing media used within the system had a relatively high level of coconut fibre (coir), which has fantastic properties that can support beneficial bacteria while at the same time being extremely stable.
Currently Junglefy carries out the maintenance on this living infrastructure project which is thriving in its indoor environment.

Key Innovation

Introducing the movement of air. This movement of air provides a higher rate of CO2 rich air, which the plants use. It also reduces the build-up of pests and diseases, especially molds and fungi.