Project Description



Wangal land

Key Facts

Year Completed:
Garden Type:
Green Façade
Size of Garden:
Number of Species:
Types of Species:
Philodendron Rojo Congo, Philodendron Scandans, Philodendron Xanadu, Neomarica Gracilis
Number of Plants:
Ongoing maintenance as required and season dependent

Tucked away in an inner atrium behind an Art Deco façade, this vertical garden provides a calming sanctuary for Bijou’s residents. Since its original 1912 construction, Bijou has seen various reinventions from an original theatre to a live music hall then auction house. Now home to boutique prestige apartments, the vertical garden creates a visual surprise once entering the building from bustling Darling Street.

Our Role

The brief for this garden was to create a beautiful feature to fill the wall of the building’s inner atrium and to provide a natural element for this very urban space. Junglefy constructed this garden by attaching planter boxes to the external wall, whilst paying respect to the heritage façade by retaining glimpses of the original brickwork through the trailing plants.

Key Innovation

Utlising webnet mesh with rows of Junglefy green wall modules provides a structure for the plants to grow into and creates a cascading garden in an area with limited light. The combination of the green wall modules and the mesh is a bespoke solution that also adds an interesting architectural element to the garden by allowing the building’s façade to show through.