Project Description


Chatswood Place

Cammeraygal land

Key Facts

Year Completed:
Garden Type:
Green Wall
Size of Garden:
Number of Plants:
Types of Species:
Nandina domestica, Philodendron Hope, Spathiphyllum sp, Schefflera aboricola, Chlorophytum Variegated, Humata tyermanii, Nephrolepis spp., Phlebodium, Philodendron Imperial Green, Neomerica gracilis
Platino Properties

Blending living and lifestyle, Chatswood Place creates a welcoming neighbourhood in the heart of Chatswood’s bustling CBD.

The development pairs modern architecture with heritage to create a cohesive design while maintaining a distinctly boutique feel. Nature is the common thread woven throughout the complex from the established trees on the street frontage through to the hero feature; a seven metre high green wall in the inner courtyard. The green wall not only connects people to nature but it also helps to reduce heat in this shared space, creating a more comfortable place for residents to relax and socialise.

Our role

Junglefy worked with Taylor to develop a solution for this residential space. Initially a curved wall was proposed, however through Junglefy’s consultation process, a refined design was provided that would ensure long term health and success of the wall. By providing Junglefy’s expertise in the early stage of the project, the end result is beautiful thriving green wall that delights its residents and visitors.