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Top 10 secrets to successful living infrastructure maintenance

The building and installation of your green wall, façade or roof might seem like the final stage after months of planning and design but in reality, this is when things really start to take off. In fact, installation is just the beginning of your living infrastructure project – good maintenance will ensure your green façade, wall or roof remains as beautiful and healthy ten years from now, as the day it was first installed. Not only will it look good but it will also deliver some real health, economic and societal benefits too. Jock discussed a few of these in his previous blogs, check out our News & Views section [...]

Let’s bring the outdoors, indoors!

Here at Junglefy, it’s no secret that we have a serious addiction to plants. All plants. Inside plants, outside plants, big plants and small plants. We just can’t get enough of them and we want to see them everywhere! That’s why we were so excited to see a recent article acknowledging the beauty and capabilities of nature and encouraging everyone to have plants both inside and out! As people are realising the many benefits of plants for our health and wellbeing, the trend of indoor-outdoor offices is becoming more and more popular. This “nature-inspired” approach to design and architecture is being adopted by many companies as the demand for healthier [...]

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