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Living Infrastructure Will Benefit Australia’s Ageing Population

Living Infrastructure Will Benefit Australia’s Ageing Population By Jock Gammon This article was originally published in Sourceable Australia’s ageing population is about to greatly increase the country’s demand for living infrastructure. Anyone who knows Baby Boomers knows this generation is not going to go off quietly into old age. Combine that with the fact that Australians are living longer, and it is essential we unlock the benefits of integrating plants and living infrastructure systems into our aged care facilities. Green roof, Bridgepoint Australians have one of the highest life expectancies in the world, and more than 15 per cent of our population is currently aged 65 years [...]

Industry leaders praise the Junglefy Breathing Wall

A recent tour of the Plants and Environmental Quality research lab at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) saw sustainable building leaders applaud the award-winning Junglefy Breathing Wall and its benefits. A 10m2 Junglefy Breathing Wall filters 8,400 litres of air every minute. It also removes up to 15 litres of pure carbon dioxide (CO2) each hour, offsetting the respiratory emissions of two to three building occupants during a standard working day. Maria Atkinson, Sustainability Strategist and Director at Maria Atkinson Consulting said: “What I saw on the research of the Junglefy plant system just blew my mind. How fast the plants were able to purify the air – [...]

Sydney Morning Herald: Lendlease pushes the envelope at new Barangaroo digs

This article was first published by Carolyn Cummins in the Sydney Morning Herald. Lendlease has entered a new era of workplace design with the opening of its new global headquarter at Barangaroo's Tower three, which it designed and built. Over time the same concept will be rolled out to its overseas-based offices in London and New York. The other main new anchor Barangaroo tenants, all of which have looked to the future in office design, are St George, KPMG, BT Financial Group and lawyers Gilbert & Tobin. To show what it can develop for clients, the global construction and infrastructure giant is now walking the walk in creating a modern office space that will offer a full range of [...]

The Garden Gurus: One Central Park

In this episode of the Garden Gurus, Nigel looks at One Central Park in Sydney, recently voted the world’s best tallest building, this truly incredible building is home to the world’s tallest vertical garden.  

Impacts of Plants on Healing and Recovery

We know that plants can filter the air, enhance aesthetics and boost performance, but did you know they can also reduce pain and stress levels and improve post-surgical recovery for hospital patients? Roger Ulrich is one of the pioneers of the evidence-based healthcare design movement, which suggests that plants and nature may have a restorative effect on post-operative recovery and healing. His 1984 paper “View Through a Window May Influence Recovery from Surgery” was the first study of its kind to validate the notion that spending time in nature and experiencing a leafy, garden vista has the potential to reduce recovery periods from illness and surgery. In his study, 46 [...]

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Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre wins big at 2015 NSW Architecture Awards

This article was first published in Architecture & Design. Read the article here... The Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre won multiple awards at the prestigious 2015 NSW Architecture Awards announced in Sydney last month. Junglefy congratulates Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (FJMT), the team behind the project for their achievement. Selected from a very talented shortlist of 79 projects, Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre won the John Verge Award for Interior Architecture; Sustainable Architecture Award; and Public Architecture Commendation. Collaborating with FJMT, Junglefy provided design inputs for the 9.5m high interior breathing green wall. The first of its kind in Australia, the green wall uses natural convection to draw air up through [...]

WELL Building for Employee Wellness

Considering the recent hype around individual health and wellbeing, it should come as no surprise that the next big "green" trend in the corporate world is wellness for employees. Total, holistic wellness relates to more than just exercise and physical fitness. It also considers access to clean water, fresh air, in-house counsellors, plenty of natural light, and incorporating greenery into the work environment. This is where the WELL building standard comes in, which focuses on "human wellness within the built environment" and identifies explicit characteristics that, when comprehensively incorporated into building architecture and design, improve the overall health and wellbeing of the occupants. So far, only one Australian building has [...]

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