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Green motorways. Contradiction in terms or potential reality?

Green motorways. Contradiction in terms or potential reality? This article was first published in Sourceable A few years ago I was stuck in hellish Sydney traffic, with the temperature soaring close to 40oC, and as I entered the tunnel surrounded by huge walls of concrete, pollution and heat haze and I suddenly thought, ‘this is a great place for plants’. It sounds crazy, but the right plants combined with the right technology could do wonders for this harsh urban infrastructure, and I believe that science, investment and pure necessity are all at the perfect meeting point to make it viable, and I would argue essential, to turn it green [...]

Living Infrastructure Transforming Future Cities

Imagine living in a city where you are surrounded by plants, where every building is covered in vertical living walls and every apartment block or high-rise has a green rooftop community garden, where all previously empty spaces have become homes to "pocket parks" filled with native plants and wildlife. Well one day soon, hopefully all of these imagined ideas will become a reality! With a global population of over 7.2 billion and cities expected to house around 80% of the total population by 2050, it is imperative that we address the demands that stem from rapid population growth, increased energy consumption and the clear need for sustainable infrastructure by developing [...]

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