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An assessment of the potential fungal bioaerosol production from an active living wall

The team at UTS recently had an article published in the academic journal Building and Environment, Volume 111, January 2017. Here's an abstract of the article: Active living walls, or indoor air biofilters, have been proposed as a sustainable and aesthetic means of improving indoor air quality. However these systems have yet to be adequately assessed for their potential contribution to airborne fungal proliferation in indoor spaces. The current work represents a simulation study to determine, under realistic office conditions, whether a typical active living wall makes a quantifiable contribution to the airborne aeromycota. We found that the living wall studied made no significant contribution to the density or diversity of [...]

Let’s bring the outdoors, indoors!

Here at Junglefy, it’s no secret that we have a serious addiction to plants. All plants. Inside plants, outside plants, big plants and small plants. We just can’t get enough of them and we want to see them everywhere! That’s why we were so excited to see a recent article acknowledging the beauty and capabilities of nature and encouraging everyone to have plants both inside and out! As people are realising the many benefits of plants for our health and wellbeing, the trend of indoor-outdoor offices is becoming more and more popular. This “nature-inspired” approach to design and architecture is being adopted by many companies as the demand for healthier [...]

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