About us

Husband and wife team Jock and Hanna Gammon founded Junglefy in 2009 and quickly established a business renowned for delivering complex and innovative green walls and roofs including Australia’s highest vertical garden at One Central Park.

They are in the business of growing green walls and roofs and want to turn our cities into urban jungles and grow plants everywhere – on the walls of car parks and highways, inside and outside buildings, along laneways, on our rooftops. They want to Junglefy our cities and believe green roofs, walls and facades provide our cities with natural beauty and living design as well as happier and healthier people.

Born entrepreneurs Hanna and Jock have worked hard to establish Junglefy as well as other successful landscape businesses. They are also parents of three boys.

Jock Gammon

Founder and Managing Director

Trained as a horticulturist, Jock loves plants and understands how to ensure their survival in some of the most intense Australian urban environments.

As the Managing Director of Junglefy he works closely with clients to ensure that concepts can be realised in a cost effective and low risk manner.

He has also invented several successful living wall systems, each one advancing on the previous version. He thrives on being challenged and coming up with new and better ways to do things.

Hanna Gammon

General Manager

Hanna is trained as a molecular biologist with a Masters in Communication.

As General Manager, Hanna now applies her brainpower to the operational success of Junglefy.

Her strategic head for business and natural devotion to plants and nature have underpinned the growth and success of Junglefy, one of Australia’s fastest growing green roof and wall companies.


Adrien Clements

Construction Manager

A jack of all trades, Adrien has worked in the construction industry both in Australia and the UK for over 10 years mastering his skills across a multitude of disciplines.

Growing up in country NSW he understands the land and the importance of being close to nature. Already holding a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and a Diploma in Project Management, Adrien is currently studying part-time for his Masters of Project Management.

He loves the challenge of making vertical gardens work from a structural perspective.

Andrew Booth

Sales Manager

Trained as an environmental toxicologist, Andrew has furthered his study in environmental sciences with horticultural qualifications with a specific interest in sustainable urban horticulture.

With project management experience, Andrew brings ten years of scientific research to Junglefy’s innovative team.

Andrew enjoys collaborating with Junglefy’s clients to realise horticultural solutions within urban construction environments.

Andrew Wands

Horticultural Manager

With over 15 years experience in the horticultural industry, Andrew is passionate about horticulture in urban environments.

With a Diploma in Horticulture as well as a Bachelor of Science in Landscape and Amenity Management, he has experience in a range of horticulture practices from green-keeping to green roof and wall gardens. Originally from the UK, Andrew began his career with Junglefy working on the planting and maintenance of One Central Park.

He currently manages the maintenance of all Junglefy’s green roof and wall gardens.


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