Breathing Wall

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The Junglefy Breathing Wall* is an active, modular green wall system,
scientifically proven to accelerate the removal of air pollutants faster than any
other plant-based system on the market. It also acts as a sound barrier, improving
acoustics while cooling the surrounding air temperature, resulting in energy
efficiency and reduced air conditioning costs.

*patent pending

The Junglefy
Breathing Wall Story
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How does it work?

The Junglefy Breathing Wall is made of linear, low-density polyethylene modules with infinite recyclability, supplied with a growing medium high in coconut fibre. The system is ventilated via an electric axial impeller, providing a uniform airflow across the plants and growing medium. This active ventilation increases the rate of carbon dioxide draw down, and the volume of air that can be filtered and cooled by each module.
Research into the viability, efficiency and safety of the Junglefy Breathing Wall was conducted by Dr Fraser Torpy and his colleagues at UTS. The research tested the Junglefy Breathing Wall’s ability to remove a range of air pollutants in a series of laboratory, office, sealed room and field trials. The research showed that the Junglefy Breathing Wall provides a more efficient, economical and healthier alternative compared to traditional HVAC systems. The research results have been peer reviewed and published.

The Junglefy Breathing Wall is an advanced green wall system using active ventilation to pull air through the module and over the leaves and growing medium. This active ventilation provides a ‘super charged’ process of reducing CO2 levels, eliminating air pollutants, and cooling and humidifying indoor air.

One Junglefy Breathing Wall module can clean a vastly greater volume of air than one traditional green wall module, or one pot plant. The research results of the Junglefy Breathing Wall demonstrated that “to achieve the same results, one would need hundreds and hundreds of pot plants, or a much larger traditional green wall” as Dr Torpy says.

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