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We love to work with teams to better understand horticulture and how to further develop living infrastructure. Feel free to browse the resources below. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, why not contact us directly to see if we can help.

Junglefy Modern Slavery Policy2021-03-10T15:25:10+11:00
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Junglefy Human Rights Policy2021-03-10T15:24:48+11:00
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Junglefy Supplier Code of Conduct2021-03-10T15:23:20+11:00
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Junglefy Breathing Wall Specification 20192020-09-02T21:00:21+10:00

Breathing Wall Specification 2019


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Junglefy Green Wall Specifications 20212021-01-28T10:58:53+11:00

Green Wall Specification 2021


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Biophilic Design Guidebook (International Living Future Institute)2020-08-31T16:03:01+10:00

The International Living Future Institute has developed this guidebook to help Living Building Challenge project teams develop more biophilic projects and comply with the requirements and intent of Imperative 09, Biophilic Environment.

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The Economics of Biophilia (Terrapin Bright Green 2012)2020-07-29T09:30:23+10:00

Why designing with nature in mind makes financial sense.

Biophilia, the innate human attraction to nature, has been recognised for several decades by the scientific and design communities, and intuitively for hundreds of years by the population at large. Biophilic design has often been regarded as a luxury but in reality, improving community well-being through biophilia can impact productivity costs and the bottom line.

Authors: Bill Browning, Chris Garvin, Catie Ryan, Namita Kallianpurkar, Leslie Labruto, Siobhan Watson, Travis Knop

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Roadmap for green roofs, walls and facades in Australia’s urban landscapes 2020-20302020-07-29T09:38:55+10:00

Developed from the 2019 Green Roofs, Walls and Facades Summits led by Leisa Sargent (UNSW Sydney), Kate Lee (University of Melbourne) and Nick Williams (University of Melbourne) as part of Hort Innovation project GC 16002. Junglefy’s Jock Gammon, contributed to the research and appreciative inquiry.

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Green Roofs, Walls and Facades Technical Guidelines (Inner West Council)2020-03-20T12:12:34+11:00

Council has developed the Green Roofs, Walls and Facades Technical Guidelines for the Inner West.

The guidelines provide technical advice to support the installation of green roofs, walls and facades. It gives an overview of how to plan, design, build and maintain green roofs, walls and facades. Learn more on the council website

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Junglefy Biodiversity Initiatives2019-11-13T14:02:32+11:00

Learn about Junglefy’s initatives that are increasing urban biodiversity

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Integrating plant life into building and infrastructure rating tools (Hort Innovation Australia)2020-07-29T09:39:23+10:00

Developed by Hort Innovation Australia and Edge Environment, the report collates research and case studies to substantiate the benefits of urban greening and its contribution to a more sustainable built environment.

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Junglefy Green Roof Specification 20202020-09-02T20:23:36+10:00

Green Roof Specifications 2020


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Junglefy Planter Box Specifications 20192020-09-02T20:57:35+10:00

Planter Box Specifications 2019


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Junglefy Plant List – Breathing Wall Specifications 20192020-09-02T20:55:38+10:00

Plant List - Breathing Wall Specifications 2019


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Junglefy Plant List – Green Facade Specifications 20192020-09-02T20:49:59+10:00