We imagine our cities being taken over by plants.
We grow, design, install and maintain all kinds of living infrastructure in all kinds of places.

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Here are some of the types of Living Infrastructure we create and grow…

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Breathing Wall

The Junglefy Breathing Wall is an active, modular green wall system, that includes atmospheric filtering through mechanical ventilation to the plant walls. It isn’t just attractive, it actively cleans the air to provide a safer, more comfortable and productive working and living environment.

More About the Junglefy Breathing Wall

Green Wall

Junglefy’s innovative Green Wall system (also used in the Junglefy Breathing Wall) is made from low-density polyethylene and is non-toxic, infinitely recyclable, scalable and easy to maintain. The system has been purpose-designed to ensure optimum water efficiency and access to light for all plants, resulting in a superior outcome for the living infrastructure installation.

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Green Roof

The Junglefy green roof system can be adapted to any roof top space. From green lawns, to podiums and planter boxes, these additions help to mitigate the heat island effect of urban environments as well as providing its occupants with a connection to nature and a green space to enjoy.


Green Facade

Junglefy’s green facades are delivered through a series of planter boxes and in some cases, wires and steel structures. The planter boxes are available in standard sizes and bespoke configurations. The application of the planter boxes is endless

If you can imagine it, we can do it

We have established our own nursery to propagate and purpose-grow the plants used in all our living infrastructure projects. Our sustainable nursery also acts a research hub where we continually test new plant species to develop more resilient plants that are better suited to urban environments.
Getting us involved early in the design phase, will guarantee success. We believe each living infrastructure system should be tailored to its own unique climatic and building constraints. We prepare drawings and documents that address all issues involving plant and media selection, water management, light analysis, system weight loading and maintenance requirements. Our experienced team is also available to provide consulting on projects to ensure your design is functional, resilient and beautiful.
Our experienced construction team know how to install all types of living infrastructure systems and understand the construction process as well as how plants, growing media and irrigation techniques impact the overall operation of the building or infrastructure asset in the long term.
We provide customised maintenance programs designed by our team of qualified horticulturalists. Our maintenance team are trained to work at heights, inside a BMU, from ropes and everything in between. They ensure your plants thrive from the day they leave the nursery to installation and beyond. All our projects come with a 1-year maintenance contract, which is renewed on a 3 or 5-year contract.


Through our rigorous third-party quality assurance processes, Junglefy maintains accreditations for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 4801. Junglefy is also an accredited green roof installer (Green Roofs Australia GR101 Green Roof Design and Installation) with proven experience and skills in irrigation, waterproofing, horticulture and ropes access.