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We Imagine Our Cities Being Taken Over By Plants

At Junglefy, we believe we can grow plants anywhere and consider plants as living infrastructure and integrated systems that include walls, roofs, façades, planter boxes as well as trees and other types of deep ground planting. We also believe we shouldn’t limit our thinking to just the built environment, and are currently investigating how we might grow more plants along our highways, roads and bridges, particularly in dense residential areas. We also love the concept of creating living infrastructure systems to help clean pollutants from our rivers and waterways.

Right now, we design, install and maintain living infrastructure systems including green walls, breathing walls, green roofs and green facades. We have our own modular green wall system and in 2016, we launched our award-winning Junglefy Breathing Wall, an active, modular green wall system, scientifically proven to accelerate the removal of air pollutants, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter, plus cool the surrounding air temperature. The system creates more safe, comfortable and productive working and living environments and results in increased energy efficiency and reduced air conditioning costs.

Why do we call it Living Infrastructure?

As developers, designers and building owners adopt more innovative approaches to incorporating plants into our built environment, so will our industry continue to evolve, which made us ponder our use of language. We believe it is vital that the language we use better reflects the scalable and more creative application of growing plants in our cities and the terms “living infrastructure” and “living architecture” should be more widely adopted. We feel strongly that these better describe the functional importance and necessity of incorporating plants and nature into our cities in order to develop places for people and achieve greater resilience against rapid urbanisation and population growth.

At Junglefy we like the word “infrastructure”, which, according to Google, our modern day dictionary, is “the basic physical and organisational structures and facilities… needed for the operation of a society or enterprise… the social and economic infrastructure of a country”. We believe plants and trees are our “living infrastructure”, and thus an essential ingredient to the operation of our cities and health of our people.

Breathing Wall

The Junglefy Breathing Wall is an active, modular green wall system, that includes atmospheric filtering through mechanical ventilation to the plant walls. It isn’t just attractive, it actively cleans the air to provide a safer, more comfortable and productive working and living environment.

More About the Junglefy Breathing Wall

Green Wall

Junglefy’s innovative Green Wall system (also used in the Junglefy Breathing Wall) is made from low-density polyethylene and is non-toxic, infinitely recyclable, scalable and easy to maintain. The system has been purpose-designed to ensure optimum water efficiency and access to light for all plants, resulting in a superior outcome for the living infrastructure installation.

Green Roof

The Junglefy green roof system can be adapted to any roof top space. From green lawns, to podiums and planter boxes, these additions help to mitigate the heat island effect of urban environments as well as providing its occupants with a connection to nature and a green space to enjoy.

Green Facade

Junglefy’s green facades are delivered through a series of planter boxes and in some cases, wires and steel structures. The planter boxes are available in standard sizes and bespoke configurations. The application of the planter boxes is endless

Consultation & Technical Design

Good design is not just what looks good. It also needs to perform, amaze, and fulfil its promise. When it comes to living infrastructure, it needs to live and grow.

At Junglefy, we give careful consideration to the technology and management systems incorporated in each project to find the optimal balance for the design. We engage with our clients at the design phase, and prepare drawings and documents that address all issues involving plant and media selection, water management, light analysis and management, system weight loading and maintenance requirements, to ensure the project is tailored to the climatic and building constraints and to our client’s needs.

Construction & Installation

The key to successful and long-term living infrastructure is its construction and installation. With a vast range of successful living infrastructure projects completed, Junglefy have a team of experts who not only understand plants, growing media and the best irrigation techniques, but also the complexities of commercial construction and executing complex building components.

Our experienced and trained horticulturalists can provide feedback on architectural designs for living infrastructure, such as saturated weight, recommended plantings and the practical implementation of architectural designs, before installation commences. This improves efficiency and ensures a better outcome for the living infrastructure project.

Maintenance & Repair

Plants are living organisms and require ongoing care and maintenance. If living infrastructure is designed and constructed well in the first place, the ongoing maintenance and repair is a straightforward process.

Junglefy provides a minimum one-year establishment maintenance program with all new installations. Following the establishment period, we are typically engaged in a long-term maintenance program with our clients to ensure their green roof or wall investment flourishes.

We draft a customised maintenance program for each installation which is then carried out by our team of qualified horticulturalists. We guarantee the performance of our installations if we are providing the maintenance of them and ensure there are no hidden costs, offering peace of mind for our clients.