+ Nurture

Nestled in the hills of Ingleside on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the Junglefy nursery is where it all begins. Since its establishment in 2015, we’ve been growing all of our plants here; propagating them and growing them in pots until they’re mature enough to be planted into our green wall modules.

We have roughly forty different plant species that are used in a variety of ways to supply our living infrastructure projects.

Our nursery acts as a hub for research where we test new plant types. We prefer to use Australian native plants because they encourage local biodiversity and are often better suited to our harsh weather conditions.

Our nursery is sustainable in its water and power usage by utilising dam water for plant watering and solar power to run the pumps and irrigation system.

Growing and propagating our own plant stock allows us to offer clients higher quality and healthier plants, purpose grown for our living infrastructure systems.

We have introduced a comprehensive pest management program at the nursery, favouring a clean site, composting and biocontrol (where we use bugs to eat bugs) over use of chemicals.