Project Description

Breathing Wall
& Moss Wall

Atlassian – George Street


Key Facts

Year Completed:
Size of Garden:
10mBreathing Wall, 30m2 preserved moss  
Number of Species:
Types of Species:
Peperomia, Philodendron, Chlorophytum (all plants have been researched by UTS and Junglefy)

Atlassian’s rapid growth saw the software giant outgrow its Pitt Street office and move to larger premises on George Street. After Junglefy’s successful installation of the hanging plant mobile in the Pitt Street office we were invited by Atlassian and Siren Design to collaborate again on the living infrastructure elements of their new office fit-out.

Biophilia (the innate connection and sense of wellbeing provided by plants) had been identified as a key component of the new George Street office. To incorporate as much greenery as possible in the space, plants had been designed to hang from the ceiling to give the idea of a living building.

In addition to the aesthetics of plants, a Junglefy Breathing wall was installed to provide purified air, thermal comfort and acoustic reduction to the office and staff.

Our Role

Junglefy was involved in the early design of the project and saw the project through to construction, installation and maintenance of the Breathing Wall and moss wall.

Key Innovation

LED lights were installed over the hanging planters to maximise the growing capacity of the plants and to reduce the amount of plant changeover, that is generally required with more traditional indoor planting arrangements. The LED lights provide additional light for the hanging plants which enables the plants to reduce carbon dioxide and to produce fresh oxygen (something that some indoor plants do not do due to lack of light). (NB: Plants in low light conditions will still remove VOC’s and provide an important biophilic association with nature).

Photography: Siren Design