Project Description

Australia’s Largest
Breathing Wall

485 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

Woi Wurrung land

Key Facts

Year Completed:
Garden Type:
Junglefy Breathing Wall™
Size of Garden:
Number of Species:
Types of Species:
Philodendron scandens, Epipremnum aureum and Ficus Lyrata “Bambino”, Spathiphyllum, Neomerica, Pepperomia, Spathiphyllum sp., Mixed indoor orange, Mixed indoor variegated, Peperomia obtusifolia Albo Variegata/chlorphytum, Pepperomia clusifolia (pink edge), Pepperomia obtusafolia large leaf(varigated), Pepperomia obtusafolia small leaf(green), Peperomia obtusifolia Albo Variegata, Epipremnum aureum, Neomerica gracilis, Pepperomia clusifolia (purple edge), Philodendron Imperial Green
Number of Plants:
Gray Puksand

On the success of the first Breathing Wall installed at Lendlease’s Sydney head office, Junglefy were tasked to create an even bigger Breathing Wall for Lendlease in Melbourne. At 88sqm, it is currently Australia’s largest Breathing Wall and provides clean air and a beautiful backdrop for this foyer and collaborative work space.

Our Role

Junglefy developed the planting design and grew the plant stock six months prior to commencing construction. Once matured, the plants were transported in their modules to Melbourne where we constructed the 88sqm Breathing Wall frame and attached the planted modules.

Key Innovation

This Breathing Wall is the largest of its kind in Australia and the immense scale of this Breathing Wall was a feat in itself. The Breathing Wall technology is scalable to any size and this project paves the way for even larger Breathing Walls in the future.

Deputy Lord Mayor from the City of Melbourne, Arron Wood said, “The refurbishment at 485 La Trobe St demonstrates Lendlease’s ability to reposition an asset with sustainability as the first principle, guiding positive changes to improve working conditions, health, and wellbeing for the occupants here.”

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