Project Description

Green Wall

76 Berry Street

Cammeraygal land

Key Facts

Year Completed:
Garden Type:
Green Wall
Size of Garden:
Number of Plants:
Number of Species:
Types of Species:
Schefflera arboricola, Mixed Variegated, Peperomia clusifolia, Philodendron scandens/xanadu/Spathiphyllum, Peperomia clusifolia (pink edge) /small leaf
Pep, Peperomia obtusifolia variegated Species, Philodendron Hope

This green wall is in a prime position in the foyer and provides an aesthetic view and connection to nature for the workers and visitors of this building. Located next to a bustling cafe, the green wall makes an enjoyable space for business meetings and morning coffees. Combined with the natural elements of the timber ceiling feature and wooden furniture, this space is a successful biophilic solution to its urban context.

Our role

Design and construction of the green wall and installation of the lighting. Junglefy also manages the ongoing maintenance of the green wall.